Hello & Welcome!

The name The 34th Star is a reference to the state that I call home & the place that holds my             heart - Kansas. Kansas was the 34th state to enter the union, and therefore the 34th star on the flag. Kansas is a state of determined pioneers, radical free-thinkers, and creative outlaws.

I am the 34th star. 


My name is Alison. I have been a professional baker for over ten years, starting out in my mother's kitchen and continuing on today in a local market & bake shop. I started making my own extracts a while back because I wasn't satisfied with the store bought options. Most extracts that you can purchase at your local grocery stores are watered down, have added colorings or sugars, and use artificial flavorings. A few years ago, I was using my homemade extracts in baked goods that I was producing for the local farmer's market, and my customers would always ask if I bottled my extracts for sale. Well, now I do! 

My goal with The 34th Star is to create quality, speciality extracts for cooking & baking. You can even add them to beverages for extra flavor! My products are created in small batches using local and organic ingredients whenever possible. This collection of extracts is PURE, meaning that there are no added ingredients, they have not been diluted, and there are no artificial colors or flavorings. They are made from whole, natural ingredients extracted from vodka - that's it! You can see, smell, and taste the difference!